Social media addiction may ruin a generation


The big social networks are very powerful applications that can have positive impacts on the world and the people who use them. The ability to disseminate information and organize have empowered more people to effect positive change. However, the apps are being continuously designed and engineered to increase metrics likes "average sessions per user," "time in app per user," and "median session length" so the app companies can serve more ads and make more money.

The job of "attention engineers," as they are sometimes referred, is to exploit people's weaknesses and use cognitive tricks to make people more addicted to an app. A former design ethicist at Google describes some of the tricks used by the big social media companies to hijack the minds of their users - like those red notification badges that you have to tap to see what you missed during the past 10 minutes.

The problem is so big that even major news organizations like Huffington Post are dedicating reporting to the topic of social media addition.

The result of this addictive engineering is that the average adult now spends 5 hours per day on their phone. The average student spends 9 hours - that's 135 days of every year spent on a phone.

Social media addiction is an epidemic that must be dealt with immediately. A solution is especially important for the younger generation whose brains are still developing. Social apps are causing irreparable harm to the development and functioning of the attention centers of their brains, not to mention their time is being allocated away from doing things in the real world that will advance their studies, careers, and ambitions.

The brain's dopamine response to social media apps is similar to that of drugs, alcohol, or junk food - a quick, easily digestible fix that makes people want to repeat the activity, even if it is detrimental to their productivity, self-esteem, and well-being.

Many people are well past the "tipping point" at which the negative impact of social media outweighs the positive social gains. Thousands of hours of beneficial, real-life activities are being replaced with mindless scrolling through updates, images, videos, and ad in a virtual world.

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